Advaitaa Green Energy

Advaitaa Green Energy
103-105, Hemmady Regency,
Malbhat, Margao, Goa – 403601
Tel: +91 832 2734250/51/52


Advaitaa Green Energy is a Sister Concern of Advaitaa Enterprises and came into being with a vision towards becoming the forerunners in Irrigation & Waste Management in India, and contributing to community empowerment through green technologies.

At Advaitaa Green Energy we combine technology and heart to create sources that fuel progress in a green way. The steady growth, coupled with a rise in urbanization has led to a depletion in the availability of natural resources; along with an exponential rise in its exploitation. Advaitaa Green Energy leverages on both these trends towards the development of a more sustainable economy by conserving the natural resources - turning challenges into opportunities. We design, integrate and engineer automated irrigation systems, elements of mechanical biological treatment plants, renewable energy generation, waste water recycling and greening technologies for a sustainable living.

We consult and engineer industrial practices towards eco friendly solutions. Through our services, we offer a powerful economic package in the provision of sustainable irrigation systems, carbon neutral bio-energy, rich compost and a sustainable waste management solution that expedites the need for landfills for our clients. Green solutions is the need of the hour and we look forward to pioneering the progress of the nation in a green way. By providing water solutions and energy to the nation, yet leaving behind a sustainable world for our future generations we believe in being responsible citizen s of the world.

Advaitaa Green Energy has embraced a range of technologies with regards to Solid Waste Management, which we provide for complete solutions to our clients. Depending on the industry and size of the industry, we provide tailor made solutions for solid waste management.

Some of the technologies provided by Advaitaa Green Energy are:

  • Automated Sub-Surface Irrigation System
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment Plants
  • Dry Anaerobic Digester Plants
  • Wet Anaerobic Digester Plants
  • Wastewater Recycling Plants
  • Organic Waste to Energy Container Sys.
  • On Site Food Waste to Water Systems