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Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant

The purpose of a MBT plant is to separate municipal solid waste into various useable materials that can be diverted from landfill (sold as valuable material for recycling) and to convert organic waste into electricity and rich organic fertilizers.

The Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant (MBT) is comprised of two systems. A MBT Plant is comprised of an automated Municipal Solid Waste Separation Plant coupled with a patented horizontal Dry Anaerobic Digester Plant. AGE employs an automatic (if necessary manual) MBT plant that can separate mixed household waste into 5 types of materials: organics, plastics, ferrous metals, combustibles and inert materials. By employing AGE's recycling technologies, almost all the household waste is converted into electrical energy, heat energy, organic fertilisers, refuse and other sustainable resources.

MBT Plant contains:

1. Municipal Solid Waste Separation Plant

The AGE Municipal Solid Waste Separation Plant is a patented high-efficiency process developed through time tested research and development, and field implementation. The key objective is to separate mixed household waste with high organic contents. Through innovative ideas, using a combination of patented machinery, the Waste Separation System separates mixed household waste automatically. If required, the fractions are manually sorted in coarse, medium and fine material. The coarse fraction includes film, paper, hard plastics, wood etc. separated from heavy and interfering material.


2. Dry Ad

The patented Anaerobic Digestion technology that we utilize is a pioneer in the field of dry fermentation and specializes in the digestion of sorted Organic waste and unsorted municipal biodegradable waste. Today, there are over 67 plants in operation using this patented technology with an annual biomass waste conversion of over 1,500,000 tonnes per annum.

Depending on the type of organic waste, between 600 and 1000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy can be generated from 1 tonne of waste. Approximately 900 kg of natural fertiliser is created as a by-product. AGE plants are produced in modular units. Thanks to this modular concept, the customer can match the size of their plant to the planned annual fermentation capacity. The plants that have been constructed to date have capacities of between 20,000 and 300,000 tonnes per annum.

The following figure highlights the processes and products of our patented dry Anaerobic Digestion Plant system.